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primobolan depot for sale


The active ingredient of the drug primobolan steroid – primobolan depot for sale, is a psevdotetrasaharid microbial origin. Primobolan depot for sale acts at the gastro-intestinal tract, inhibiting the activity of intestinal enzymes (a-glucosidase), which are involved in the cleavage of di-, oligo- and polysaccharides. As a result, dose-dependent delay in carbohydrate digestion followed by sustained primobolan depot for sale release and absorption of glucose, which is formed during the breakdown of carbohydrates. Thus, primobolan depot for sale retards and reduces the postprandial rise in blood glucose concentration. As a result of a more balanced absorption of glucose from the intestine, the mean concentration and its diurnal fluctuations in the blood decrease. In the case of increasing the concentration of glycated hemoglobin, primobolan depot for sale reduces its level.



Suction. About 35% of the dose absorbed as metabolites, less than 2% in the active form. It is metabolized in the gastrointestinal tract, primarily the intestinal bacteria and is only partially digestive enzymes to form, at least 13 of the compounds in the form of sulphate, and methyl glucuronic conjugates. One metabolite product- glucose molecule into the cleavage primobolan depot for sale, has the ability to inhibit alpha-glucosidase. After receiving two observed Glyukobaya® inside primobolan depot for sale peak maximum plasma concentration, with an average of 52.2 + 15.7 g / L and 586.3 + 282.7 g / l and observed through 1,1+ 0,3 20,7j_5,2 hours and hours respectively. The appearance of the second peak is due, apparently suction bacterial decomposition products from the deep small intestine. In patients with renal failure (creatinine clearance <25 mL / min / 1.73 m²) Cmax increases 5 times, in older – 1.5. Bioavailability is 1 -2%.

Distribution: volume of distribution of 0.32 l / kg body weight.

Excretion: The half-life period for the distribution and the elimination phase is 3.7 + 2.7 + 9.6 hours and 4.4 hours, respectively; 51% active material output through the intestines; 1.7% unchanged and as an active metabolite and 34% as metabolites – through the kidneys.


Treatment of diabetes type 2 in combination with diet therapy (either alone or in combination with other hypoglycemic drugs, including insulin). Prevention of type 2 diabetes in patients with impaired glucose tolerance in combination with diet and exercise


Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug. Age up to 18 years. Chronic bowel disease, occurring with severe disorders of digestion and absorption. Conditions which are accompanied by bloating (Remhelda syndrome, large hernia, intestinal stenosis, intestinal ulcers). Pregnancy and lactation. Severe renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance <25 mL / min)

The caution in fever, infectious diseases, injuries, surgical interventions. Since taking the drug may asymptomatic increase in “liver” enzymes, during the first 6-12 months of treatment is recommended to monitor the levels of these enzymes; In most cases I ‘Glyukobaya® their normal activity. Application of pregnancy and lactation. Since there is no data on the use of Glyukobaya® during pregnancy and lactation, it is not recommended for use in pregnant and lactating women.

Dosing and Administration

Glyukobaya® tablets are effective only if taken just before a meal as a whole, without chewing, with a small amount of liquid or liquid with a first portion of food. The optimal dose of the drug selected by the attending physician individually for each patient as its efficacy and tolerability vary. Combination therapy in combination with diet in patients with type 2 diabetes. The initial dose is one 50 mg tablet three times a day, or ‘/ 2 tablets of 100 mg three times a day. Subsequently, the dose should be increased to an average daily -300 mg per day (2 tablets of 50 mg three times a day or one 100 mg tablet three times a day). In some cases, if necessary, the dose can be increased up to 200 mg three times a day. The dose should be increased at intervals of 4-8 weeks, if patients on the previous dose not receive the necessary clinical effect. If the patient, despite the strict diet, flatulence and diarrhea worse, the further increase in the dose of the drug should be discontinued, and in some cases reduced. The average daily dose is 300 mg per day.

Prevention of type 2 diabetes in patients with impaired glucose tolerance in combination with diet and exercise

The initial dose is 50 mg once a day (50 mg tablets or ‘A tablets of 100 mg once a day). Within 3 months of the initial dose is gradually increased up to the recommended therapeutic dose of 100 mg three times a day (2 tablets of 50 mg and 1 tablet of 100 mg three times daily)

Elderly patients (over 65 years): No dosage adjustment is required. Children: contraindicated.

Hepatic impairment: No dosage adjustment is required.

Side effect

The most common symptoms are: bloating. Typical symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal pain Atypical symptoms: nausea

Very rare symptoms: allergic skin reactions (rash, erythema, rash, hives), swelling, bowel obstruction, jaundice and / or hepatitis, increased activity of “liver” transaminases.

In Japan, we observed isolated cases of fulminant hepatitis with fatal outcome. The relationship of these cases with taking primobolan depot for sale is unclear.

Before the drug at a dose of 150-300 mg may be observed asymptomatic increase in “liver” enzymes (3 times the upper limit of normal). Changes in the level of liver enzymes is transient while taking primobolan depot for sale.

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